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Help save the beautiful 100-year-old plane trees in Alexandra Gardens, Cambridge which are threatened by insurance companies...for now and for future generations

The integrity of an avenue of healthy, mature, century-old, London planes forming part of the park on Carlyle Road are in danger because of insurance claims. Cambridge City Council propose to reduce the crowns of two of the central trees by 70%, reducing their lifespans. We are seeking to persuade the Council to fight these claims or negotiate, since we are convinced that there are other contributory factors to the cracking. 

It is now too late to make your objections to the council via the Council website. So please...

1. Please email relevant councillors, voicing your objections. The decision to cut has been made by Executive Cllr Alex Collis. Here is a full list of City councillors. Click on More for some particularly relevant councillors' email addresses; 

2. Please also join our mailing list; email us at

The Alexandra Gardens Trees Group is a group of around 100 local residents in Cambridge who enjoy and love the beauty of Alexandra Gardens, a small, restful and beautiful park in the West Chesterton-Arbury area of the city. We want to preserve the beauty of the park for future generations. 

If you are a local resident who would like to be kept aware of the situation, or someone who simply enjoys and appreciates the benefit of well planted mature green spaces in towns and cities, please contact us to join our mailing list. 

News updates will be posted under the "More" link below

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