Recent local media reports of the case:


Cambridge News; March 6 2015; Five trees in Alexandra Gardens WILL face chainsaws
Cambridge News; March 5, 2015 Alexandra Gardens trees in Cambridge set for the chop

Cambridge News; February 23, 2015 Almost criminal: plan to put chainsaws to Alexandra Gardens trees in Cambridge

Richard Taylor wesbite; February 18, 2015 Alexandra Gardens Trees Threatened Yet Again


Our legal consultants

Richard Buxton (environmental and public law)



Cambridge City Council Pubications

Cambridge City Council's report on the claims (Prepared for Planning Meeting March 4, 2015)



Other links and background information:


A short history of Alexandra Gardens (Parks and Gardens)

SOS Cambridge (local group supporting green spaces)

London Tree Officers' report; "A Risk Limitation Strategy for Tree Root Claims"

Tom Armour (leader of global landscape architecture for Arup) "Cities Need Large Trees"



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